Written by  Michael Chapa  on FEB. 7th 2019
 5 Reasons Why Business Owners Need a Professional Consultant to Run Their Ads 

Many businesses have benefitted greatly from hiring a professional consultant to run their ads. For many, the opportunity to hire a professional in the field is what can ultimately save, revive, or grow their business. Here are five reasons why hiring a consultant might be the best avenue for a business owner to take...
Written by Michael Chapa  on  JAN. 15th 2019
        The Power of Natural Selection
The evolutionary means of survival that biologists and lay people alike know as natural selection does not only apply to thriving in the natural world, but also the business world... 
Written by  Michael Chapa  on  DEC. 17th 2018
The shift from old school advertising
to today's digital era!
As the world becomes increasingly more reliant on technology, it is inevitable that a shift in advertising has also occurred; while old-school marketing is still in effect, the trend towards creating digital advertising content has skyrocketed in recent years...
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